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Printed Escape Adventure

Save an innocent Heiress from being arrested at Evansville, Indiana!

338 Gunpowder Lane is the home of the Widow Spade, heiress to a handsome fortune. Following her husband’s mysterious and untimely death some five years past, the Widow has retreated from the public eye and was seldom seen outside her estate. Early Monday morning the Estate Gardener, Carlo, was found dead in the flower beds by a nosey neighbor. He suffered ten bullet wounds, though no shots were heard.

Local authorities have named the Lady of the House as their prime suspect, noting the unresolved circumstances of her late husband’s death. The Widow has called on you, Ace Investigator for hire, to clear her name. You have one hour before she is arrested. And there may be more to this case than meets the eye. Pay attention to the clues if you want to know not only what happened, but why.

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