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Step out of your world and into ours – one full of thrills, codes, and puzzles of all types. At Optimal Escape you will encounter aliens, crime scenes, zombies, and all types of mysteries. With only 60 minutes on the clock you will have to work together with your teammates to accomplish your goal. It’s not just an escape game. It’s an adventure, and it’s one full of realism and exciting twists and turns.

Escape Rooms have become one of the most popular team building activities for large groups, small businesses, and corporate America. What better way to evaluate your staff and colleagues then put your skills to the test under an exciting, entertaining, and unique adventure? Every colleague has to work together to think out of the box for one common goal. Entertain your team, build relationships, and improve your communication in this high demand activity. The melding of different minds is the key to success in this growing phenomenon.

We are sure your Optimal Escape adventure is going to be memorable.

At Optimal Escape we can host as many as 30 people at any given time slot. Discounts offered depending on the size of your group.