We just did our first Escape Room at Optimal Escape and it was sooooo much fun. I love the multi-room escape room experience. I´m definitely hooked on Optimal Escape. I will be back for sure!

Jacob Mercer

It wasn't what I expected but thats not a bad thing. Me and my girlfriend and our 2 friends attempted to escape area 51 and succeeded with right above a minute left to escape. Definitely going to go again and try out the other rooms it really racked my brain and caused me to really have to think to figure it out and was lots of fun I hope others give optimal escape a chance and see if you survive lol GREAT FAMILY AND FRIEND FUN AND FOR A GREAT PRICE!!


We did the Area 51 Room at Optimal Escape. It was a blast. I can't wait to go back and do their other rooms. The puzzles are challenging but doable and there is such a variety of puzzles. Would recommend anyone wanting to do an escape room to check out Optimal Escape

Justin Grissom


Deborah Davis

Was amazing experience!!! A great time with GREAT FRIENDS!!!

Robert McCormick

Great people and a great time!

Alex Markle

Great rooms! Have gone to both Area 51 and CSI, both were very fun and challenging. Is a multi room escape for both, which makes it very interesting and different than most I've been to! Overall great experience, and I hope to go to the third room they have as well!


We had a lot of fun! It was our first escape run. We did Area51 & had a great time. We have a 17yo girl & a 13yo boy who booth want to go back again.

Heather Spain

Just finished the Virus room. It was quite intriguing. I really liked that this puzzle had several rooms too it. Overall, it was a good experience.

Michelle Merritt-Robinson

We had the best time at Optimal Escape this weekend! We did the Area 51 room. It is actually 4 rooms, the most we've ever had & it made it so much more fun! Friendly & helpful staff. We will definitely be back. We had a group of 8, ages 12-44 & it was perfect.

Kristi Roll

Very fun

Mike Kincaid

Best time ever. I have done multiple escape rooms on the past..... And this is one of the best. Had a blast. Thr puzzle is challenging, but is very workable. The clues were very helpful. Will definitely return to complete another room next time I am in town. Several local options for escape rooms, but this one should be your first choice!

Dan Schilling

We have done several escape rooms and this has been one of my favorites. I like how big the rooms were. I also had never done a multi-room escape room before so that just added to the fun.

Trinda Partridge

We had such a good time. A group of us went out to eat and then did an escape room for my birthday. It was so much fun. The staff were super nice and very helpful. I think I might just make this an annual this, except I may not be able to wait another year to go back and do the other rooms at Optimal Escape.

Marc Amberling

This was the most fun we have had in a long time. We did this as a team building exercise. If you're looking for team building exercises for your company, look no fiurther cause you have found it Optimal Escape.